Friday, September 29, 2006

God Knows We're Dust

The Myth: God knows that mothers of little ones don't have time to be alone with Him.

The Truth: God knows that we're dust. He knows we need Him more than we know. He knows we fail, and He knows when we don't spend time with Him just because we're not that interested.

He loves us anyway, but that doesn't mean it's His best for us.

Early in my Christian walk, I participated in a Navigator's discipleship program. Setting a standard of Bible reading four days out of seven acknowledged our humanity (weakness, imperfection), while encouraging intentional habit-building.

Over at my Riveting Questions blog, I posed the question "when do spend time with the Lord"? Several answered, often that they did it in the morning (more on that later), but the consensus is that it's essential.

We don't stop feeding ourselves physically, do we?


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