Friday, October 06, 2006

Which Translation?

I am not an expert on this.

When I trusted Christ as Savior, I was reading a Good News Bible. I would not recommend that version, but certainly the power of the gospel was present.

Even the cult bibles have enough of God's word left in them that if they read them, rather than all their add-ons, they could get it.

So, I read the Good News Bible. Then, the church we were in used the NIV, so I read that. Now I use the NASB.

A couple of good options, if you don't have a favorite already:
  • The New Living Translation, which is also a good option to give away. Our church offers a New Testament in this translation for evangelism.
  • The New King James. It's the only one my daughters will use, because it's the same as their Awana verses.

Don't allow yourself to be de-railed by any subtle fears that you will choose the wrong one.


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