Monday, December 04, 2006

Spiritual Gifts Definitions

Written by one of our pastors, for use with the High School Awana club, these are the best Spiritual Gifts definitions I've seen.

  • Evangelism: sharing the message of the "good news" of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

  • Pastoring: shepherding a local church by leading, feeding, and guiding believers in God's Word.

  • Teaching: instructing the truth of the Word of God so that it can be understood.

  • Helps: providing practical ministry assistance to those in need; used of deacons.

  • Wisdom: the ability to apply the truths of God's Word to everyday situations.

  • Knowledge: the ability to learn, understand and memorize the Word of God.

  • Faith: trusting God and His Word, even in the face of obstacles and uncertainty.

  • Exhortation: the ability to encourage other believers with God's Word as a motivation for right living.

  • Giving: sharing of one's wealth and possessions to bless and benefit another.

  • Leading: spiritual oversight/ruling over a local church body; often applies to elders or bishops.

  • Mercy: having and/or showing compassion (God's love) for those who are hurting or suffering.

  • Administration: Applying spiritual decisions to practical matters within the body; used of deacons.

  • Ministry: Serving others in practical ways which help them to grow spiritually; used of deacons.

From this list, based on the original Greek, are you able to identify the Spirit at work through you? How about your kids?


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