Friday, November 10, 2006

Concerning Delegating Responsibilities

The delightful Mrs Meg Logan has left the following comment responding to my Riveting Question: Can Responsibilities Be Delegated? It's a must-read:

Seems to me that responsibility before God cannot be passed on to another. If you delegate something to someone, it is still your responsibility to see that action fulfilled properly.
For example, I may delegate my parenting duties temporarily to a sitter, that sitter may do something wrong that causes my children harm, (physical or otherwise). The person who perpetrated the sin upon my children is guilty of that sin, while I am guilty of not protecting my children. I still carry some responsibility for their well being. I should have chosen a sitter more wisely, or perhaps forgone a sitter completely!
(I have personal experience in this area, so I am well aware of the pain of my responsibility.)

Another thing, since it is my husband's responisibility before God to raise up his family in the admonition of the Lord, if he delegates that to me, and I do not follow through, I am guilty of disobedience, but he is guilty of not raising up his family in the admonition of the Lord.

If you're interested in my response, it's at the original post.


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