Thursday, October 26, 2006

Youniquely Woman at Precept Ministries in Chattanooga TN

Thank you to Kris for taking the time to recommend "Youniquely Woman", featuring Kay Arthur, Emilie Barnes and Donna Otto of Homemakers by Choice.

Oct 17 - 21 ................ Youniquely Woman Finishing School

For women ages 20-45. For more information about how you can receive an invitation for yourself or others or to register,
please call 888.678.5660 Ext 8635.

Does anyone have the details on ordering the CDs? I was unable to find those.

And this looks intriguing as well. It seems everyone is jumping on the youth ministries bandwagon these days.

Small confession here: having never been involved in anything Precept, I feel a little bit like an outsider looking in. Somehow I've been having that feeling alot lately. Perhaps it's an autumn thing; whether autumn of the year or autumn of my life, I'm not certain.

Anyway, thanks again, Kris, for stopping by with a friendly and helpful comment!


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