Monday, October 09, 2006

Here's What Else

These suggestions from Jennifer, concerning what non-readers can do to keep fresh in their relationship with the Lord, are ideas I would have jumped on when my kids were little; so of course, I wanted to share them:

We have an Audio dramatized Bible from Zondervan... straight text, with calm music in the background, different voices for characters in the narrative parts, some very light sound effects. NIV translation. We use it a lot. The kids fall asleep to it. I've played Proverbs on the computer while we eat, so I can eat too (instead of reading aloud myself).

On another note: my workshop is over, and it didn't go so especially well (more on that later). At the encouragement of a couple of friends, however, I will probably keep this blog going. But only if He gives me something to say.


At 5:49 PM, Anonymous blestwithsons said...

Let me add my encouragement. I LIKE this blog. I'm not a huge fashionista myself- so I visit the other one rarely. (sorry -but I'm being brutally honest here) But I was so excited when I saw this one.

I think you should keep it up. We need more of this on the blogosphere. There are plenty of young harried mommies like me. We need you!!!

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Thank you, that means alot to me. (And I didn't take it personally that you don't visit the other one much, we could all DROWN in blogs to read.)

Your encouragement is about the best birthday present anyone could give me, and I don't even mind that it's a day late. ;o


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